Its 2017 – our 33rd year in business.  The changing of a year makes you look back on how things have changed over the decades, so why not come with us on a trip down memory lane to see how it all began…..

Humble beginnings

The year is 1984, and company founder Jeremy Gilbert dreams of producing high quality jewellery that draws inspiration from Cornwall’s history and heritage. In the town of Pendeen, he sets up a company to do just that. Inspired by the nearby mining town of St Just, and the Cornish tin Jeremy plans to use, St Justin is born.

The business initially employs three staff, and over the next three years Jeremy and his team set about crafting their first Celtic designs, which are cast in pewter to form pendants and brooches. They choose to use pewter as the metal is 92% tin, and they know the metal gives them a strong connection with their locality.

St Justin jewellery is originally sold to local craft shops. However, being one of the early innovators of Celtic jewellery, demand mushrooms, and within a few years St Justin becomes one of the leading designers and producers in the world.

The business grows

By 1991, St Justin has distributors across Europe, the United States, and Australia, selling their products in many countries across the world. By this stage, the company has outgrown its premises, and so they build their own factory in Long Rock, just outside of Penzance, and move there. Over the next few years, growing business allows St Justin to expand even further, adding the capacity to diversify into silver, Cornish tin, and bronze.

Back to the present

We now employ 30 local people, and the business continues to grow. We love our loyal staff, many of whom have worked for us for more than ten years, and one for more than 25! We now have a website, a St Justin Shop in Penzance, Cornwall and loyal customers across the world!

But we’re not stopping there. As Jeremy says, ‘Getting the product mix right and watching customers get the same satisfaction selling your products as you do making it, is what keeps us going forwards.  We want to be challenged.  We want to keep evolving.  But most of all we want our customers to be happy.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey. We’re sure 2017 holds great things for St Justin!