Cornwall Heritage Trust 2022 CalendarLike many of you out there, we love Cornwall. So much so, that we are proud to sponsor Cornwall Heritage Trust and all that they do. Their 2022 Cornish calendar is available here.

Cornwall Heritage Trust owns and manages some of the most iconic heritage sites in Cornwall, working closely with local communities, Natural England, Historic England and English Heritage.

In the year 2000 Cornwall Heritage Trust was part of a project which gave every school child in Cornwall a copy of the “Kernow Bys Vyken” or “Cornwall Forever” book to mark the Millennium. This book celebrated the “story and spirit” of Cornwall and sought to provide the story of the history of Cornwall. The introduction reminded the young people of Cornwall that they carried an important responsibility to preserve the Cornish way of looking at life, the Cornish language and dialect, the Cornish culture and identity and the very appearance of Cornwall.