For the love of cats

For the love of cats!

International Cat Day has been marked since 2002 and is a day to celebrate the special friendship that we have with our own pet but is also a day to raise awareness of the safety and welfare of all cats.

In 2017/18 45% of British households owned a pet with 18% of all households owning a cat – dogs are still the most popular British pet with 26% of households providing homes to dogs. So if they are not the most popular pet why is it that cats seem to hold such a special place in our hearts? The Egyptians held cats in such high esteem that they worshipped them as gods with the goddess Bastet depicted in cat form.  Today we live in such a fast paced highly charged society that cats are seen as a calming and laid back influence on our hectic lives. In fact they have been proven to improve many mental health issues including stress and anxiety.

As several of us in the office are cat lovers (in fact between three of us we have 13 cats!), we have developed a range of cat items that reflect the many aspects and personalities of these furry felines that make us love them so much. A lot of these items have become some of the most popular in our collection. See the full collection of jewellery and giftware here:


Fat Cat

The Fat cat with its content, happy face will probably reflect the majority of our pampered pets.


Arched back cat pendant

Arched back cat

The arched back cat is representative of the mystical side of cats where they get spooked at mysterious senses and spirits.


Dangling cat pendant – pewter

Hanging cat and Kitty cat

The hanging cat and Kitty cat pendants depict the mischievous personalities of our cheeky pets – always getting themselves into scrapes and using up one of their nine lives.


sleeping cat necklace

The sleeping cat

The sleeping cat necklace is one of our top sellers and reflects the fact that our domestic friends spend up to 85% of their day doing nothing but chilling out. This necklace is based on a winning design that was drawn by Lauren Williams as part of a school work experience project.


Slim cat pendant

Slim cat

The slim cat captures the spirit of the oriental breeds with their quirky almost diva like personalities.


Many of our other pendants feature the sitting cat which portrays our loyal pet waiting for us to come home so that they can share their love with us – we sum up this cat as being the Purrfect Cat

The cat featured in our blog picture is Misty, aged 15, a much loved pet!



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For the love of cats

For the love of cats! International Cat Day has been marked since 2002 and is a day to celebrate the special friendship that we have

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