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Custom Designs

Custom made trophies, gifts and jewellery

Having custom designs will give your clients something unique that is exclusive to you.

Whatever your concept or idea, St Justin may be able to help you achieve it. You could have a variety of work and lifestyle gifts which will put your logo in the hands of the people who matter most to you.

St Justin has been making custom gifts and jewellery in Cornwall for 36 years. We have a strong reputation for producing high-quality goods and have a team of traditional craftspeople to produce both contemporary and traditional designs.

If you know exactly what you want we can give you a quotation for producing custom designs in quantities ranging from 10 to 20,000.

If you specifically want medals or trophies you can also look at Medal Winner.

Initially you will need a master pattern. You can supply this or we can make it. It will cost us between £80 and £300 to do this. Then you will need a mould. The production mould for a pewter item will cost £65 and for a bronze or silver item £35.

Unit costs for numbers of less than 30 are higher than larger quantities so it is more cost effective from 50 upwards. We can offer technical advice to enable your design to be made more economically. Apart from quantity you need to think about the finish required and the packaging.

The vast majority of bespoke products we make are unique items that are mastered specifically for you and you will not find anywhere else. We have very few products that are a “blank”, taken off the shelf and customised.

No obligation guide prices can be given once we have a specification to work on.

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