Ammonite drop earrings

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Ammonite drop earrings – these Ammonite shaped pewter earrings come on surgical steel hooks.


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As with all St Justin products, this item comes with a lifetime guarantee. If there is a fault in the workmanship, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

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Ammonite drop earrings – these Ammonite shaped pewter earrings come on surgical steel hooks.

The ammonite was named after the Egyptian god Ammon and belongs to an extinct group of Cephalopods (which means ‘head-foot’).The ammonites were present on the Earth for a period spanning over 140 million years. They first appeared on Earth some 208 million years ago, during the Carboniferous period. Large specimens were commonly up to one metre across and weighed up to 100 kg. They became extinct about the same time that the majority of the dinosaurs disappeared. Ammonites were a form of fast moving marine invertebrate, closely related to the modern-day squid, octopus and nautilus. They had a coiled shell, which was internally partitioned into small chambers. Once the ammonite grew too large for its living chamber, it formed a new one next door and then moved into it, in the process creating the characteristic spiral shape of the shell. The unused chambers were capable of being filled with gas to provide buoyancy at different depths in the oceans. It is these unused chambers which tend to be preserved in different colour calcite.

Width: 20mm Length (incl. hook): 37mm

Supplied in a recyclable gift box

3 reviews for Ammonite drop earrings

  1. Suzanne Lawrence

    I totally fell in love with these earrings when I spotted them. They are one of my favourite pairs & I wear them often.

  2. Nathy (verified owner)

    Just splendid! I bought them in a At Justin’s shop as I felt in love with them as soon I saw them but, someone stole them from me ( probably because they are so pretty) so, I’ve decided to buy an other pair online. I look amazing with those earrings! They are just perfect and now, i keep them,even during the night ;-)

  3. Kirsty

    Beautiful. The detail and weight is just perfect. I love them.

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