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Pasty key ring Cornish tin


Pasty key ring Cornish tin – a highly polished solid Cornish tin pasty on a chain and key ring.

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Pasty key ring Cornish tin – a highly polished solid Cornish tin pasty on a chain and key ring.

The Cornish pasty is a simple and delicious pastry turnover filled with chopped meat, potatoes and vegetables and crimped around the edge.
It had its origin in Cornwall, where it served both as meal and lunch box for workers heading off to the mines.
Cornish tin mines contained arsenic, and it was an advantage to the miner that they could hold the pasty by the convenient ‘handle’ that it provides to the eater.
They would be able to eat the inside and discard the crust when they were finished.
The discarded crust was also said to keep the Cornish pixies happy! Some wives even filled one corner of the
pasty with jam or fruit so that it provided both main course and dessert, then marked it with her husband’s initials
so that the miners would know whose pasty was whose!

Width: 16mm Height: 30mm

Supplied in a velvet draw-string pouch.


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