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Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. So, how are we doing?

Our Cornish Bronze is 100% recycled copper.

Our pewter casting process recycles around 70% of each cast back into the melting pot. All dross and dust extracted waste is recycled to retrieve the pewter.

We cast our silver jewellery and recycle around 60% of each cast through a refining process together with all the filings, sprues and dust.

We have 118 solar panels on our roof to use as much self generated power as we can during the day. The sunshine here is great for sustainability!

This year we changed our gift packaging to exclude any plastic content and make them recyclable. There are still several hundred of the older boxes left but we are nearly there.

50% of the water we use in our jewellery making is recycled through the process.

Our Shipwreck tin was mined in the 19th century and we are still using it.

We constantly try to reduce our footprint and use of materials that pollute, damage or increase landfill.


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