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Welcome to St Justin jewellery, the source of pewter, bronze, silver, Cornish tin jewellery, gifts and accessories.

Each piece of St Justin jewellery and giftware is crafted by hand and eye in Cornwall, the South West extremity of Britain.

Pewter jewellery, a medium hard metal that ages well, developing a greyish patina over time. You can leave it to age (as many do) or get out the polishing cloth and rub to bring back a lustrous shine. Pewter is our most affordable metal for jewellery and also our most popular.

Bronze jewellery is a very hard metal that looks like gold when first seen. We only use copper and tin which is referred to as “classic bronze”.  The ancients used it to make swords and these were only superseded when iron was found. It needs to be cast using the lost wax process due to its high melting point. It polishes very well and costs more than pewter but less than silver.

Silver jewellery is made with Sterling Silver (925). Nearly as hard as bronze, it takes a polish well and is easily kept clean using Silver Dip. We make these products with the lost wax process and then, after fettling, give each piece a final hand polish.

Cornish tin jewellery is quite unique (at least ours is). The tin comes from a ship wrecked in 1863. It was originally smelted in Cornwall and carries an ancient pedigree not to be found elsewhere. It behaves a bit like pewter and seems to retain its polish for a little longer. If you dare bend it you will hear the cry of the tin.

St Justin Jewellery Product range

Celtic crosses are a strong part of the collection as there are so many granite versions to be seen in Cornwall and the other 5 Celtic nations. Pendants, earrings, brooches, kilt pins, buckles, hair slides feature in Celtic and other styles.

These include; Viking, Saxon, Early Celtic, Art Nouveau and Contemporary.

Celtic art reverberates through the centuries, identified by the simple sophistication of form and an indefinable feeling for the rightness of things. St Justin jewellery is not only a re-creation of the past, but a continual evolution of living art created by craftsmen for the people of today.

St Justin Stockists

St Justin jewellery and giftware is available in various stockists throughout Cornwall, the UK and the rest of the world.  If you are in Cornwall why not visit our shop at the Wharfside Shopping Centre, Penzance, where you will find the complete collection.

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